Brittney and Joao (Joao pronounced ‘wow’ with a J) are the most adorable, gorgeous, in love couple that I have ever photographed! They are so sweet towards one another; adoration beams from one another eyes as they look at each other with such love and affection.

I first sat down with Brittney and Joao at the Koffee Klatch in Laguna Beach to discuss the details of their wedding and I just fell in love with these adventurous lovebirds!! Every once in a while I find a couple with such an amazing and epic love story that I spend most of our pre-wedding meeting asking a million questions about their story, ‘how they met’, ‘where they fell in love’, which lead to a million more questions ‘where have they traveled’ ‘where is their favorite place in the world’… I am in such AWE with the fascination that you never really know when or where you are going to meet the love of your life; it could be surfing the internet, adventuring around the world or snowboarding all winter in Mammoth (which is where I met my fiance!)

I asked Brittney to describe their chance meeting and romance while living in Brazil.. Here is what she said!

FROM THE BRIDE: We met while we were both living in Brazil. Introduced by friends we thought we would both just have a fun date for Carnival and that would be that. We had no idea we would be where we are today- in love and so thankful to find each other and to be doing this life together, with all the fun and excitement we’ve had over the years.

After living in Brazil for about a year, we decided that although Joao is from Portugal and Europe is home for him, we made our way to the United States. Together we ended up on the East Coast and lived there for another year. We have now made our 3rd move together as a couple to Laguna Beach (Brittney’s hometown) and where we both feel at home with the sunshine, ocean and art. Needless to say, for a couple of three years, we have been through a lot- moves, big decisions and through it all we wouldn’t want to have anybody by our side but each other. We enjoy each other’s adventurous nature, sense of humor, and love and admiration for this beautiful world and all that it has to offer. We are so blessed and excited to be getting married this year and to continue to live out this life with love, peace and happiness in our hearts.

I photographed Brittney and Joao’s engagement session in Laguna Canyon a few weeks back. It was a warm, sunny, beautiful Friday afternoon and the lighting under this canopy of trees couldn’t have been more lovely. I truly enjoy photographing couples who are madly in love, it makes my job so much more easier not to mention fun–Brittney and Joao were no exception!!! I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in Newport Bay this upcoming September!!ostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0069.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0063.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0065.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0036.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0043.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0044.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0045.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0046.jpgostaraphotography_lagunabeachengagement_brittneyjoao__0047.jpg




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Pamela Jo
June 18, 2015
Oh my goodness! What can I say except that you two look so, so happy and that is all anyone could wish for a beautiful young couple starting their lives together. May you be happy and in love always....and remember to respect and be kind to eachother every day. With love and affection, Mama Pam