Foggy Laguna Beach days may not seem like the most ideal weather for your engagement photos, but we love a good overcast day; the fog adds an element of moodiness–a quiet, a calm, and a peacefulness–almost a ‘lost on a deserted island’ feeling.  When the fog rolls in, most of the beach goers roll out, even in the middle of summer, giving our couples a more intimate setting. Shay and Vince’s engagement session was exactly as described and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! These two lovers had the entire beach to themselves and it couldn’t have been more romantic or perfect! (and can we just say HOW STUNNING does Shay look in her slate blue LULU’S ‘Mythical Kind of Love’ dress??!! We love when the wardrobe matches our bride’s eyes that match the ocean backdrop!!!)

Shay and Vince are planning an intimate wedding at the Noon Lodge in Big Bear this fall and we can’t wait to capture their dreamy mountain wedding!!! We love any excuse to get out of town, and Big Bear is one of our favorite weekend getaways!!! September can’t come soon enough!!!

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