• What was the Inspiration for your wedding day?  We really wanted our Wedding Day to be like us.  Not too serious, and just a really fun time. We wanted to leave enough time for partying/dancing, and just everyone being together. The venue had so much character, we didn’t have to add too much. We really were just excited to be with everyone who was important to us, and have our families join.
  • How and why did you pick your venue and or wedding details? We looked at so many different venues. We started in Malibu, went to Palm Springs, and then to Santa Barbara. We couldn’t find anything that fit. My mom found Casa Romantica, and it just felt right. It was far enough away, so that it didn’t feel like we were in our own backyard, but close enough, so that everyone we knew was able to attend. Tyler spent many years in San Clemente, right next to the venue, so it felt special to him. He has many memories there, and now our wedding weekend will add to that. We were able to spend the whole weekend there, and start festivities from Thursday on.
  • What special details did you include in your wedding or reception?? We included a very special card that Tyler’s mom wrote to the Bogy family in the ceremony.  Tyler’s sister in law (Allie) read it during the ceremony.  She expressed how happy she was that Sarah was in Tyler’s life.  It meant a lot to both of us to hear her words in that special moment.
  • How did you make your wedding day special and make it about the two of you??! We were able to include all of our close friends and family in the wedding party, and even though we knew it was going to be big it was special to us to be able to have everyone involved in all the activities leading up to the wedding.
  • Most memorable moment (s) of your wedding day? (From Groom and from Bride)
    • Even though a lot of people were at the ceremony it felt like it was just us up there which we really liked.  We had a big wedding party and a lot of friends attend, but we are both private and really enjoy our time together just the two of us.- Tyler
    • The Ceremony was very special, like Tyler said, we really felt like it was just the two of us up there. It was a perfect, beautiful day, and I felt like all I could see was Tyler, and the ocean behind him! I thought the speeches were perfect, and on the dance floor I felt like I was able to be with everyone that was there.
  • What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process? Just doing everything together. Traveling and searching for venues, tasting food, picking out the details. We really learned each others strengths, and some weaknesses 😉 
  • Any advice for those planning now? Try not to stress, especially about the small stuff. A lot of the small details, most people won’t even notice. Do what you want to do, don’t think about what others will think.
    • Music
      • Processional: “Here, There & Everywhere”- Instrumental, The Beatles
      • Recessional: “You Are the Best Thing”- Ray LaMontagne
      • First Dance: “Here, There & Everywhere”- The Beatles
  • How was your experience working with The DeLauras?? We loved your guys energy and felt like you were really helpful throughout the process.  Thank you guys so much!


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