Like all good stories, it started over a wink and then a drink. Melinda and Stuart met in Seattle while at a bar with friends.  Stuart noticed an adorable blondeshell beauty across the way and couldn’t keep his eyes off her–after catching his many glances Melinda handed him her phone number and gave him a wink on the way out. It was love at first sight. He called, asked her out on a REAL date + they have been inseparable ever since.

Melinda + Stuart have the same sense of humor, fashion style, vigor for life, thirst for adventure and they compliment one another like peas and carrots. They were meant to be. The couple couldn’t be more adorable.. during their engagement session they giggled, played, and were romantic in a way you rarely see anymore. When they kiss you can’t help but smile; their love is infectious.

The couple will be married in the forests of Mt. Rainier this upcoming Summer!


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