Hi! We’re Kendal & Anthony DeLaura, crazy-in-love husband & wife documentary duo! We live in Laguna Beach, California but shoot weddings ALL over the world. We love photography, traveling, delicious food, & the great outdoors.

You can often find us taking beach walks with our Boston Terrier named Otto, hitting up the slopes in Mammoth Mountain, reading a good book on our Mid-Century Modern couch, visiting wineries all over the country, camping in the Redwoods, or on some wild adventure exploring the world! We live together, work together, play together, & laugh together. Life is pretty rad.


I was born in Nevada, but fancy myself a California girl, having lived in CA for 18 years. I am a September baby, a middle child, left handed & right brained. I’ve never met a dessert that I didn’t like &  consider myself a wine connoisseur. I first studied photography while living in Italy, and have been shooting ever since. Not only do I shoot weddings, but I am also a graphic designer & illustrator, ( ) as well as a Fashion and Commercial photographer you can view my work here I’m a lover and a dreamer & I truly believe in soul-mates, mermaids and happily ever after.


I was born in Michigan, and moved out to Mammoth Mountain to be a ski bum in 2010.  I am a Gemini, first born and can often times be found with my nose stuck in a book. I love music, flannels, micro brews, & hockey GO REDWINGS! I dreamed of being a national geographic photographer when I was a kid, so picking up a camera and shooting side by side with Kendal is a pretty awesome career choice. On your wedding day, I am your go-to guy. I am always there to help move heavy things, hold grandma’s hand and make life easier!!


  1. We live in an adorable apartment in Laguna Beach, it looks straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue and is furnished with all things MidCentury. Think brightly colored walls, fresh flowers in mismatched vases, old cameras, candles and nicknacks all around, colorful kilim rugs on the ground, and large graphic prints and photos hanging on the walls!
  2. We’ve been together for almost 7 years and we still celebrate our dating Anniversary (April 29!)—we find any excuse to go on epic adventures. Wanderlust encapsulated our hearts–We love experiencing new places, cultures, ideas and things! There is never a dull moment when you’re hanging with us so pack your bags!
  3. We take our pillows with us everywhere–even on international trips–when you travel as much as we do, having your own pillow makes all of the difference in the world… Anthony always tries to steal Kendal’s pillow during the night which often times means we both end up sleeping on one pillow. haha
  4. Otto, is our first born Fur Baby–we rescued him 4 years ago on New Years Day (his Adoption Day!). Wherever we go, Otto goes, he is our constant travel companion–from hikes and beach days, to camping adventures, to road trips, to flying across the country, and staying in dog-friendly hotels, he does it all–and he sleeps with us every night, under the covers, we seriously don’t know how he doesn’t suffocate down there!!!
  5. We are total foodies–we love to cook together (currently we are obsessed with SunBasket) and we are always checking out the latest restaurant in town! We can recall every favorite meal we’ve shared together and we truly believe that all great conversations start with a full belly and a delicious bottle of wine–need some restaurant recommendations in Laguna Beach, let us know we’ve been to them ALL!!!!
  6. We have a million nicknames for one another; such as poop, moose, noodle…. so weird, we know. The nickname ‘POOP’ comes from calling Otto, our Boston Terrier, ‘Little Pooper’–then we just started calling one another and Otto, POOP.. it’s endearing. ‘MOOSE’ comes from the La Croix drink ‘pamplemousse’ which means grapefruit in French–Anthony started calling Kendal his ‘pamplemousse’ then he shortened it to Moose and it stuck…….. ‘NOODLE’ comes from wanting to constantly cuddle and canoodle..  and we shortened it to noodle. Yes we are pretty shmooopyyy, don’t hold it against us—We are the couple that cuddle on the couch, sneak kisses when we think nobody is watching and slow dance in the kitchen!  During your engagement session you will hear us constantly saying ‘canoodle one another’ now you know where it comes from!
  7.  Our destination wedding in Big Sur was on October 1, 2016 – we were married on a private ranch with goats, cows and horses, under an oak tree, hundreds of feet up on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocea– As a couple we spent every anniversary exploring Big Sur’s unparalleled beauty and rugged wilderness–it’s our ‘happy place’ and we knew the first time we camped under the majestic redwoods that there was no other place in the world we would want to get marriedKendal was the visionary for the entire event, decor, and lighting, she created the wedding logos and all of the paper goods, she hand illustrated their wedding invitations, branded and painted the ‘welcome boxes’ &  searched high and low for all of the wedding decor and special touches! Want to see photos from our wedding–Check out our blogpost HERE. We were also featured on Green Wedding Shoes click here to see the feature!



For the VISUAL types—Here are little fun cards we had printed for our wedding–the numbers have since gone up! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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January 26, 2018
Amazing, inspiring and totally adorable! Love you two and your talented minds and kind hearts. xoxo
    January 26, 2018
    Mariah! You are the SWEETEST---Birds of a Feather Flock together!!! LOVE YOU pretty Lady!! xxx