Vivian + Andy had a vision for their wedding. Standing atop giant boulders in South Lake Tahoe they professed their love with their close family and friends 30 feet below. After the ceremony they planted an Aspen tree, enjoyed cocktails with family, and went down to The Beach Retreat in South Lake Tahoe for their romantic lakeside reception.

See their day unfold in the gallery below.

Vivian and Andy have a love and a life so connected that everything begins and ends within their story; every decision falls in line with their history, their future goals and their life purpose! Their love is something rare and unique–in their presence it radiates, transcends time, and is something to truly be experienced… It’s hard to explain, but when you meet couples like Andy and Vivian, their union sticks in your mind.

Their ceremony took place 30 feet in the air, while they stood atop a giant boulder surrounded by even more massive boulders. This mystifying rock formation is located just a few yards off of Vivian’s family home in South Lake Tahoe. Vivian and Andy have so many memories within these larger-than-life rocks from hot summer night campouts to star gazing with friends–when the couple got engaged, they envisioned standing on top of these rocks while their closest friends and family stood below gazing up at their sacred union… their vision came to life, Vivians dress blowing in the wind, it was a site to be a seen!

The couple planted an Aspen tree together and guests enjoyed cocktails in their backyard–afterwards their guests shuttled over to The Beach Retreat in South Lake Tahoe for a romantic lakeside reception!!

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