• What was the Inspiration for your wedding day? Being a destination wedding it was more about making it a trip for everyone to remember, and not just about the wedding itself. We went into every decision with the question – does it add to the experience? Everything from the local band we chose, to the surprise firework show was all about making it the best experience for our guests. 
  • How and why did you pick your venue and or wedding details? Jon & I initially thought California but after some research we quickly weren’t getting anywhere that grabbed our attention. With our relationship built on a steady amount of traveling and across the border Mexico runs we decided to venture South. After a day of walking venues in Sayulita we were sold on the Palapa purely for the views and simple elegance. 
  • What special details did you include in your wedding or reception?? We really wanted to make people feel involved in our ceremony and reception. Our officiant was someone who we both hold closely in our family with a long standing marriage of his own that we looked up to. Looking back we are so glad to have had a family member there officially tying the knot. We also had two of our groomsmen and Rachel’s cousin perform the bridal entrance song when Rachel was walking down the aisle. 
  • How did you make your wedding day special and make it about the two of you??! We both wrote our own love letters to each other just prior to the first look; it was a nice reminder amongst all the moving pieces to remember what the event was all about and really grounded us prior to the actual wedding. 
  • Most memorable moment (s) of your wedding day? (From Groom and from Bride) Jon  – I remember working hard to hold back tears during the ceremony but immediately after it was official I gave my new wife a hug and immediately we both burst into tears and couldn’t let go of each other. Rachel – Walking down the aisle and seeing Jon was such a surreal moment that I’ll never forget, along with the entire ceremony that our officiant wrote so beautifully. There was this huge bird circling the ceremony the whole time which added to the magic. I also loved all of the first dances, with Jon and my dad – oh and eveyone dancing at cocktail hour was a dream come true! Who am I kidding the whole wedding was unforgettable and stunning, I can’t choose!! 
  • What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process?  It was so much fun to have a common goal and something to work towards together throughout the year. 
  • Any advice for those planning now? Focus on details that are true and important to you as a couple, and choose things for your wedding that actually bring value and not fluff.  It can get tiresome and old but try to remember how brief it all is the grand scheme of things. Would love to go back to some of those planning days!
  • Music
    • Processional:  Jon + Wedding Party – Dan Auerbach, Never in My Wildest Dreams,  Jack Johnson – Angel (performed by 2 groomsmen and Rachel’s cousin Madison) for Rachel 
    • Recessional: George Harrison – What is Life
    • First Dance: Gary Clark Jr. – Our Love

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