Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I LOVE love. This is a fact. I probably love LOVE more than anyone I’ve ever met. I am a true romantic. I believe in soul mates, mermaids and ‘Happily Ever After’…… There really is no greater day for me than to photograph a couple who is truly in LOVE. You can see it in the way they gaze at one another, how they can’t stop smiling when the other is near, they hold hands–fingers intertwine, and they sneak kisses even when my camera is pointed in another direction.

Natural, blissful and hopelessly in love with one another is how I would describe Sarah and Dano. This couple is both playful and romantic. Within their engagement session Sarah and Dano revealed their joyous and youthful personalities. Photographing their love while on a Merry-go-round was Sarah’s amazing idea. She was looking for that cotton candy-get your face painted-race from ride to ride-carnival feel. so while the fair has been packed away for the year, the Irvine Great Park was the perfect place to go.

While waiting for the many children to vacate the carousel (so I could selfishly hog the ride all for my photographic pleasure), we stepped over to the classic hanger adjacent to the ride to take some gorgeous shots of the couple against the building. I have been to this hanger in the past, but wondered to myself ‘why have I never shot here before, this place is fantastic!’

My favorite photo from the day was actually the first frame that I shot (this is almost never the case). I posed Sarah and Dano against the grandeur building, holding hands, side by side. I stepped back twenty feet and fired. I looked down at the photo I had just snapped and knew that this was going to be an awesome shoot. And it was.

I love this couple and I love capturing their love for one another. I can’t wait to photograph Sarah and Dano’s wedding this upcoming September!


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