• What was the Inspiration for your wedding day? We wanted to do something different that would be extremely memorable not only for us but also for our friends and family. Our birthdays are 10 days apart and we are know by our friends to get party buses to celebrate. We thought why don’t we incorporate a party bus for a wedding since its always a guaranteed fun time. 
  • How and why did you pick your ceremony site The “Cul-De-Sac of Love” is a place that is extremely special to us. One of our first dates we had was at The Pearl Hotel, we both didn’t want the conversation to end but didn’t want to go to a bar to talk. Kahana said want to just park at the end of this cul-de-sac that I know of that over looks downtown. No….we didn’t park to have a make out session. We both just opened up and had a deep conversation about what we both wanted in our lives. I truly feel that was the moment we both knew were found the right person. 5 years later Kahana decided he wanted to propose at the location. After finalizing that we would stay local for our wedding we thought that had to be the location for our ceremony. When wrote an letters to the homeowners on that street and went knocked on each of their doors to get their blessing. They were all very excited and supportive. 
  • How and why did you multi-reception venues Instead of having a traditional wedding at one location we decided to pick venues for each traditional element at a fun/hip place that we both love. We love the cocktails and atmosphere at Nolita Hall so that had to be “Cocktail Hour”. Chris Puffer is the GM at Herb and Wood and has been a friend of mine. One night Kahana and I were dining there with friends and he gave us a private tour of what was going to be their event venue at the restaurant. At the time I never thought that would be the venue for our reception for our wedding…I don’t even think we were engaged at the point in our relationship. The food is amazing and the ambiance is so romantic that we both knew that was the location for our dinner. El Camino is just an all around fun place to dance and when the tequila is flowing everyone has a good time. We really like the idea of being outside dancing and it having it be our own private little club.
  • How did you make your wedding day special and make it about the two of you??! We truly felt we planned the day exactly how we wanted it. We made sure to really be in the moment. We are extremely proud of what we had accomplished. Both being the procrastinators that we are…lol.
  • Most memorable moment (s) of your wedding day? Hands down the ceremony. Keola, Kahana’s brother was our officiant and he was incredible. We laughed cried. The weather, the location, the people…it was perfect everything felt like a magical fairytail.
  • What was your favorite part about the wedding planning process? Is this a trick question??? haha Planning together and having it turn out so perfect.
  • Any advice for those planning now? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Divide and conquer. I was good with picking the details (décor) while Kahana was good with finalizing the contracts and vendors. 
  • Music
    • Processional: You’re So Cool- Hans Zimmer (True Romance)
    • First Dance: Cinema- Benny Benassi (Acoustic Version) 
  • How was your experience working with The DeLauras? Amazing! I think it helps that we know you very well. You really listened to what we wanted and gave direction when we needed it. Hands down the best!

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