Katie and Eric might be the most fun loving couple that I have ever met, they laugh with one another, constantly play together and are up for anything that comes their way! Every time the couple looked at one another they would smile, not the forced awkward ‘I hate being in front of the camera’ smile but the kind of smile that reaches your eyes making that adorable crinkle…

I didn’t have to try and get these two to smile or laugh together, they were naturals. Katie and Eric are the type of couple that I could photograph ALL day. There is nothing forced about their love. It is effortless, romantic and contagious! I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing with them the entire session.

Read below to hear how Katie and Eric met, why they picked the Orange Circle for their engagement session and what they are looking forward most about being married!! You can even watch their sweet engagement video! Check it out!

1. How did you meet??
We met on I viewed Eric’s profile, and thought “that guy is way too cute” and skipped on by. He saw that I had viewed him, and decided to reach out (I think it was the picture of my riding a skateboard when I was all dolled up). We emailed for a couple of weeks, I dropped off the face of the earth, and then he reached out again and we decided to meet at Milk & Honey for coffee (because I didn’t believe in meals or drinking on first dates) and after hours of conversation, and them kicking us out, we walked across the street to share a glass of wine and stayed until closing. The rest is history!
2. What do you love most about each other??
Our support for each other to be ourselves. Eric and I both believe that it is our job as a partner, to support each other and our individual needs and wants. We are a team, and believe that we can create a life together that will be fulfilling and filled with love. 
3. What is one of your favorite memories/favorite adventures together??
Moving to Denver! I never thought, in a million years, that I would move away from Southern California. After being together for a year, Eric asked that we consider living in Denver because of the culture, cost of living and potential for us to start a family there. It was the greatest adventure to take a leap of faith, and fall in love with Denver and the culture. For 9 months I lived in both Denver and California, while Eric made the leap full time. The day before we drove out all of my things, to make it full time, Eric proposed.
4. How did Eric Propose??
Eric planned a Going Away Party for me, that would be on our 2 Year Anniversary, and be the day before we moved me out to Denver full-time. He and my Mom planned a wonderful dinner party with my closest friends and local family. After the dinner, my Dad and he got up to give me a Going Away toast, only Eric’s toast turned into him on one knee. It was sincerely the most special day of my life.
YOUTUBE VIDEO of Proposal:
 5. Why did you choose the Orange Circle for your engagement photos??
I was living in Orange Circle in The Flats when we met. We had many dinner dates, and walks around the area. It was my Home before Eric became my Home. We love it down there!
 6. What are you looking forward to most about your wedding day??
To have our families meet, and for the people we love and are loved by see us make a commitment to love and honor one another for the rest of our lives. 
 7. What are you looking forward most about being married?
Creating our own little family!


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[…] I was so honored to have had the opportunity to photograph Katie and Eric’s love story!! If you missed their engagement session at the Orange Circle in Downtown Orange check it out here. […]