We couldn’t be more honored, flattered, and excited to capture the love story of our friends, Aislinn and Justin! It’s the BIGGEST compliment when people you know decide that THE DELAURAS are the only photographers they want for their destination wedding in SPAIN!!!! YES, we said SPAIN! Justin and Aislinn are tying the knot in a little beach town called Costa Brava in Girona Spain in less than 2 weeks. We truly couldn’t be more thrilled to pack our bags, dust off our passports, and fly across the world to photograph these two incredible people and their marriage to one another!!! It truly will be the wedding of a lifetime, and one we won’t soon forget!!!

Anthony and Aislinn met 6 years ago while they were both servers at the Italian restaurant, MAMA D’S, in Newport Beach. Kendal and Aislinn only met a handful of times, but became facebook friends and have followed one anothers lives over the years! When Aislinn announced that her and Justin had booked their wedding venue in Spain, Kendal reached out–half jokingly–and mentioned that THE DELAURAS love to travel and would absolutely be willing to photograph their destination wedding! Little did Kendal know that the seed she had planted was going to blossom into an amazzzzing adventure!!

The 4 of us, celebrated their choice of wedding photographers over a bottle of Brunello De Montalcino brought back from Kendal + Anthony’s honeymoon in Italy! We thought it was so fitting to share a bottle of wine that was so special to us with Aislinn and Justin because they are trusting us with a day that is so special to them!!! (Not to mention that Aislinn and Justin are spending their honeymoon in ITALY directly after their wedding–we think Italy is the PERFECT choice for a honeymoon!! BIRDS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER!!!)

We have had the privilege of getting to know both Aislinn and Justin so much better throughout the past 6 months–from wedding planning to dress consulting/shopping to dinners to engagement sessions it’s been a blast!! WE LOVE when we get the opportunity to not only work with amazing couples, but to also become friends with them–we hope that the 4 of us will be close for a LONG time!!!

CHEERS to Aislinn + Justin—September 4th can’t come soon enough! LET THE COUNTDOWN TO SPAIN, BEGIN!!!!!

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