I have known Rachael Kaiser since we were born, our mother’s were friends from highschool and our fathers have been friends for 35 years. So needless to say our families have been close for over three decades. Every August we would camp under the stars at Bucks Lake, spending our summers water skiing, tubing and wake boarding behind the Kaiser’s epic blue speed boat. Rachael is the middle child (as am I), we both have older brothers and younger sisters–together we grew up building sand castles, laughing and sharing stories, and celebrating our youth around a camp fire. While our lives have always diverged in different directions our paths have continued to cross over the years at our annual family camping trip each August!

This past summer I met Rachael’s beau, Kahana Malone. He is tall, dark and handsome and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met! Together they live in Pacific Beach with their beautiful golden retriever named River.  Last week Rachael contacted me about doing some new head shots for her booming real estate business as she branches out on her own in 2015! I figured that while we were down in SD taking Rachael’s business head shots we might as well do some ‘family’ photos of her Kahana and River as well. It seemed like a perfect chance for old friends to re-unite! so Anthony, Otto (our boston terrier) and I drove down to San Diego for the day!

After the gorgeous sunset The 4 of us adults with our 2 pups in tow dined at an amazing and beautiful dog friendly eatery known as the Patio! (fun fact–if you bring in your pup to the Patio on Sunday’s you get 10% off everything!!! I LOVE restaurants that encourage families to dine together–because pups are the heart and soul of family!!!)

It was a truly special day; childhood friends playing together on the beach, talking about our lives and upcoming adventures and celebrating friendship over a bottle of wine! Cheers to friendship.


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