I had the most awesome pleasure of photographing Matt and Janelle’s romantic woodsy engagement session at Stony Creek in Michigan this fall. The forest was overgrown, the leaves were starting to change and the air was misty giving the overall mood of the shoot a very romantic, ethereal feel. The setting was the perfect background for these two lovers.

I’ve known Matt and Janelle for over 4 years now; I met the couple when I was back in Michigan meeting Anthony’s family and friends for the first time. My fiance, Anthony, and Matt have been friends for over 18 years.  It seems as though the two friends continue to grow at the same rate and are on the same page today as they were when they first met in 4th grade. Matt proposed to Janelle on Christmas morning 2014, just 3 days after Anthony popped the question to me.  It’s serendipitous that Anthony and Matt are planning to marry the love of their lives only a few months a part!!

Janelle and Matt are planning their dream wedding in Michigan for late August 2016; they asked me to capture their love story and I was more than happy to oblige! I love the intimacy and the privilege of photographing a friend’s wedding. It makes the wedding experience that much more special when you are connected with the bride and groom!

I love that I get to be a part of Matt and Janelle’s wedding story and that Anthony will be standing by Matt’s side as he marries his beautiful bride, Janelle and then one month after they say their vows, the newlyweds will be standing up at our wedding as we say ours.

What an amazing time in our lives!!!!!

2016 Can’t come soon enough!!!!!!

Read below to learn more about Matt and Janelle and their love story!!!


Where did you guys meet?
Matt’s Story: Funny story, we met at a bar under age. There was a girl that I had gone on one date with prior but I wasn’t interested in, she had caught word I was going to be at this bar and she asked Janelle to accompany her. While playing pool I see this girl walk in and it was an “oh great” moment for me. But then I saw Janelle, it was complete love at first sight. I knew right away that I had to do something. I needed to know who she was. I totally fell in love in a split second. I can’t say the same for Janelle, she is the only girl I’ve said I love you to that responded with, “well…”. She played hard to get but I knew I wouldn’t give up, and here we are 8 years later except now she tells me she loves me back.

When did you know that Janelle was your ‘forever’?
Matt’s Story:
Well I knew she was the one right away but it was confirmed after my father died. We had just started dating pretty recently and she stuck by my side through the hardest part. I knew we would be together forever. We did end up breaking up for a short time and even though I tried to get over her, I couldn’t. Nobody made me as happy or made me feel as needed as her. She makes me feel like a man. She makes me feel whole. Not to mention she has a great booty.

When did you know that Matt was your ‘forever’?
Janelle’s Story:
Matt told me how he felt earlier than I was ready to admit my feelings, but it was still pretty early on in the relationship that I knew Matt was my ‘forever’. The timing was actually very sad, just after his dad passed. During that time I feel like Matt opened up to me and let me in completely, I was there for him no matter what, we became extremely close and I couldn’t even help falling in love with him. At the time I was living away at collage which was so hard since he was at home, but we talked all the time and rarely went more than 2 weeks without one of us visiting the other. I can remember the happiness and excitement I felt when I knew Matt was coming to visit that weekend, 2 weeks always seemed way too long! I fell more and more in love with him every time we got to see each other. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it really does.

How did Matt propose?
Janelle’s Story: Matt proposed Christmas morning, it was nothing crazy exciting but it was perfect for us! I was running around the house frantically trying to get ready to leave for my mom’s house (wearing this awful outfit, only thinking about comfort at the time lol) when Matt stopped me and asked if I wanted to exchange presents before we left. I figured something was up when I noticed him trying to prop his cell phone up to take a video (which ended up only getting our butts lol). He got down on one knee and with the dogs jumping all over him, he asked me to marry him. I immediately became teary eyed and overwhelmed with happiness, I honestly don’t remember everything he said after that, I just remember saying yes and jumping into his arms! Then we spent the day visiting our families and sharing the news! It was the best Christmas ever!!

What are you looking forward to most about getting married?
From Janelle:
I’m just really excited to embark on this new adventure with Matt and build our lives together. We’ve been together for over 8 years now, so honestly I feel like we are already married sometimes hah. But there are going to be a lot of new experiences ahead for us and I am really looking forward to those! Like buying our first house and starting our family, I can’t wait to see Matt as a father! Just thinking about being able to call him my husband makes me smile!



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