Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kendal, Anthony and Otto!!! As a photographer I am constantly behind the lens, never in front of it. I capture the memories and moments at events, parties, weddings, ect….. And from time to time I will set my camera on auto and hand it off to the nearest passersbyer so that there is proof that I actually still exist!!!

Fortunately the love of my life, Anthony, is an amazing photographer himself… although he lets me be the ‘photography star’ on the day to day basis– he is quite talented. He is the second shooter for many of my weddings. I love that he is taller than me and can get an entirely different point of view that I can. His shots are always so different and yet compliment mine so completely–I love shooting with him–we make a great team!!

My brother was married earlier this year and Anthony and I were the photographers at his wedding, (that being said–we are in exactly 2 photos from the entire day)–yes there is proof that we were there and luckily there are no horrible photos of us breaking it down on the dance floor—(one plus of being the photographer, you can edit yourself in/out of any photo!!!) It was such an honor to photograph my brother’s day, but also kind of sad to look back on the photos and know you were there, but not appear to be there…

Either I am shooting, or Anthony is shooting, or we are shooting together–meaning that we are NEVER in any photos together or otherwise! This would typically be a huge problem… unless you have awesome photographer friends who WANT to take your photo!!!

Elizabeth Ray of Elizabeth Ray Photography was so gracious to take family holiday photos for our little family!!  She was fantastic to work with and made us feel so easy and comfortable in front of the camera!! She was EXCELLENT with our pup, Otto!! I swear when I try to take photos of our boston terrier, he runs away–however when Elizabeth was holding her camera he sat tall and proud like a prince!! With bow-tie in place, Otto stole the show!!  After our initial portraits with Otto we put him back in the car so that Elizabeth could get some shots of just Anthony and I–Otto did NOT want to be left out and so he jumped out the window in order to be with us!

I just loved the images that we got from our shoot with Elizabeth–this was our first ‘family photoshoot’ together and I was SOO excited to send out Christmas cards this year!! How adult are we?!?!

Thank you Elizabeth Ray Photography for capturing our little family and sharing your gift for photography with us!!


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