Destination ‘Adventure’ Engagement Sessions happen to be our favorite types of photo shoots, because we spend a whole day getting to know our couples as we travel to awesome locations and capture their love in the most insane jaw-dropping settings ever! We LOVE to photograph our couples at remote and beautiful beaches, trek through forested mountains, and run hand in hand across abandoned deserts! During the shoot we are always on the lookout for BEAUTIFUL light and will stop whenever we see it–sometimes just on the side of the road! It’s during these adventure sessions that magic happens! 

We love destination engagement shoots for MANY reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is how much time we get to spend with our couples! We spend anywhere from 4-24 hours with you, from the drive, to the shoot, to dinner afterwards and sometimes even campout sleepovers! We get the chance to really know you on a deeper level; we share stories, adventure and laughter together. Not only do we get to know one another better, but you get the opportunity to experience how we shoot and how we handle posing and lighting. Because of this awesome adventure, we will arrive on your wedding day already knowing how you two lovebirds interact, what your best poses are and how to photograph you and your love in a genuine way! 

THE BEACH: ‘Salt Water Soothes the Soul’ Here in Laguna, we are SO fortunate to say that the beach is our backyard. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t experience the ocean–the view, the salty hair, and the sea breeze never gets old! There is something so magical about the ocean; the sky and the water seem to meld together with no beginning and no end…. From La Jolla to Laguna to Santa Barbara to Big Sur; every rock and beach and water has it’s own vibe, look and feel–we NEVER get tired of photographing at the beach… We don’t even mind sandy toes, sandy cars, & sand in our sheets… ohhhhhh #beachlifeproblems


THE FOREST: ‘The Mountains are Calling and I must GO’ Let’s plan a getaway to the mountains for some fresh air and awesome mountain/forest/flower field/lake shots! From Big Bear to Mammoth Mountain to Yosemite to Lake Tahoe there are a ton of options in California that are within driving distance! If you are the woodsy/outdoorsy couple we are happy to plan a camping trip or an overnight stay! Get excited this is going to be awesome! Big Bear is 2.5 hours, Mammoth 6 hours, Yosemite 6 hours and Lake Tahoe 9 hours!

Some key components to keep in mind: time of year, weather, driving distance, location scouting & sunset times–golden hour will differ depending on your location and the time of year; the sun will go down behind the mountains/hills/forests about 30-60 minutes before it will if you’re down at the beach so location scouting is a must! We will want to be in the BEST location for Golden Hour! Why is Golden hour so important?? You’ve seen those photos-you know the ones that just have that magical quality to them? That is the GOLDEN HOUR and its our FAVORITE time to shoot—waiting for the right time of the day is worth it!

THE DESERT: ‘Sunshine ALL of the time Makes a Desert!’ There is something super awe inspiring about being out in the middle of nowhere–jagged rocks, abandoned desert, and endless grains of sand surround you (and get in your shoes). We personally LOVE the desert, having done our own Adventure Engagement photos out in Joshua Tree (SEE OUR J-TREE SHOOT). Some our favorites: Death Valley, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, & Glamis Sand Dunes.. Desert Roadtrip–here we come!!


Are you convinced yet??!! Believe us, you will LOVE every moment from your Adventure Destination Shoot! Do you have a different destination idea, something we didn’t mention??? Let us know, we are totally up for any adventure and can’t wait to hear your ideas!!! CONTACT US NOW!

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Cheryl V DeLaura
February 8, 2018
Love the Winter scene couple!!! Great job!!!
    February 8, 2018
    Snowy winter photos and awesome couples are our FAVORITESSSS :) :) :)