Michael proposed to Melia on Halloween during their trip to Bali. Halloween is Melia’s favorite holiday and coincidentally the anniversary that she became sober when she was a teenager. She was on a downward path very young and at Halloween 2007 she began her journey into sobriety. Ten years later, it was time to do something big to celebrate her sobriety and Bali was their destination celebration trip. 10 years to the day of Melia’s sobriety the couple explored Bali’s beautiful landscape by hiking to several waterfall–it was a day to remember!   When they got back to their hotel there was a flower bath waiting on their balcony overlooking the jungle. The couple played a game of gin rummy in the tub and then Michael put down a card that said “will you marry me.” Michael pulled out a natural uncut raw diamond and sapphire engagement ring and placed it on Melia’s finger. It was perfect. Melia has always preferred things to be natural and authentic as opposed to all done up. And that’s been true in all areas… The couple can’t wait to explore the rest of world together as husband and wife!

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