Sarah and Brian’s relationship began at the Austin City Limits music festival in October 2016, with friends, music and lots of fun.  Little did they know that 2 months later they would say “I love you”  for the first time on a beach in Bali.  They had become inseparable, traveling together, exploring Bali by scooter, white water rafting, surfing, climbing volcanoes and having their sandwiches stolen by monkeys. 

Sarah and Brian knew their life together might not always be this easy and fun, but that it was definitely going to be an adventure!  Like many great relationships, Sarah and Brian felt right for each other from the beginning-never doubting their love or commitment to one another.  But they never clearly pictured what their wedding would look like until they found Big Sur.  The giant, thousand-year-old redwoods represent strength and endurance in the face of adversity.  The beauty of the area is undeniable, and of course, Big Sur has ADVENTURE written all over it.  The couple can’t wait to share this magical place with their family and friends as they embark on their greatest adventure yet.

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