Vivian and Andy’s first date was at a little Belgian beer bar called The Trappist in May 2012. Initially, they weren’t sure if they had very much in common. Andy was a designer working in tech and spent most of his time in the virtual world. Vivian was a professional dancer and liked cooking and the outdoors. But there were two very important things that brought them together: First, a shared love of exploring and trying new things. And second, cats! Over the years of being together, their adventures have taken them across the globe and, with each experience, brought them closer together. They’ve tuk-tuk’d across South East Asia, tramped along the coasts of New Zealand, hiked across volcanic soil in Iceland, and watched the sunrise over Black Rock Desert. But as much as they love adventures, where they truly shine is at home with their 4 cats. They love cooking delicious food, watching anime, and throwing dinner parties. Their everyday life is harmonious and full of love, and they are each other’s best friend. As they look back over the past 7 years together, they are amazed at how the time has flown by! And as they look forward to the future, they share dreams of an amazing life together, full of exciting new experiences, including raising a family… and having more cats! Vivian and Andy are super excited to celebrate their love and commitment this May, and look forward to embarking on their next great adventure together as husband and wife!

Vivian and Andy wanted to include adventure in their engagement photos and so they drove to Big Sur for an adventure engagement session with us!! We photographed their infectious love in the forest, down at Pfeiffer Beach, and then spent the sunset on the Big Sur coastline!! After their session we enjoyed dinner at the Big Sur bakery and spent our evening sharing stories, travel adventures, and good reads (Anthony has since fallen in love with the book ‘Name of the Wind’ because of their recommendation)! Vivian and Andy camped that night under the stars at Ventana Campground–despite the chilly springtime weather!!! We had the best time exploring Big Sur with these two lovers, and we couldn’t be MORE excited to capture their wedding in Lake Tahoe at Vivian’s family estate this upcoming May!!!

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